How to take measurements?

Welcome to the step-by-step guide on how to accurately measure your dog to ensure his tailored clothes are perfect and comfortable. Following these steps carefully will help you get the most accurate measurements to ensure a tailor-made dress, dress, or suit for your dog for any special occasion.


Neck measurement

  • Measure around your dog's neck where the collar normally sits.
  • Make sure the tape measure is tight enough not to slip, but not so tight that it pinches the dog.
  • Record your measurement in centimeters for plenty of style.


Chest measurement

  • Identify the widest point of your dog's chest, which is essential for tailor-made clothing.
  • Using a tape measure, wrap it around your chest and make sure it is tight enough not to slip.
  • Record the measurement in centimeters to ensure a perfect fit for your dog.


Useful Tips

  • Leave at least 1 or 2 fingers of space between the measuring tape and the measured part.
  • Use a tape measure as in the previous photos.
  • Be sure to take your dog's measurements carefully and precisely for an impeccable result, thus honoring the Italian tailoring tradition.

Find the Perfect Size for Your Dog: Size Chart and Tailored Services

Our size chart offers a wide range of options, from smaller sizes like XS up to 3XL, ensuring you can find the perfect size for every dog. With our dedication to artisanal tailoring and garment customization, each outfit is designed to fit your faithful furry friend perfectly. From the most famous breeds such as Labrador Retriever, Beagle and French Bulldog, to the rarest, we offer bespoke services and fabric customizations to ensure each dog is dressed in style and comfort. Discover the size chart and let your shopping experience become a moment of tailor-made elegance for your four-legged friend.


The legacy of Italian tailoring

Italy is renowned throughout the world for its timeless sartorial tradition and passion for fashion and craftsmanship. For centuries, the streets of cities such as Milan, Florence and Naples have been the beating heart of high fashion and artisanal tailoring. Italian tailoring is not just a craft, but an art form that celebrates beauty, elegance and individuality through bespoke clothing items that embody the style and personality of the wearer.

Tailoring for Dogs: Measurement Guide

Learn to take your dog's measurements for custom-made clothes. Step-by-step guide to elegant clothing, canine tailoring, and custom apparel. Chest, neck, back, neck turn. Make your four-legged friend unique with our elegant harness! Artisanal perfection and Italian style.

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