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Ricci Pet is a pet clothing brand that is dedicated to creating high quality products, with great attention to detail and design. The brand was born from the collaboration between Ida, a fashion expert, and Riccardo and Fiorella, owner and seamstress of the Ricci Sposo atelier.

  • Riccardo, titolare dell'azienda ricci pet


    Born among fine fabrics,
    I designed Ricci Pet to make your four-legged friends unique.

  • Fiorella, sarta dell'azienda ricci pet


    Owner of the Ricci Sposo company,
    I make sure that each garment is studied in detail to guarantee you the best.

  • Ida, stilista e modellista dell'azienda ricci pet


    Stylist, model maker and creative,
    I created by hand and with love
    our pet collection.

The story of Ricci Pet

Ricci Pet's philosophy is to create elegant clothes and refined for dogs and cats, avoiding the tacky clichés often seen in the world of pet fashion. The quality of the fabrics and the care in manufacturing are fundamental elements for the brand, which it wants to offer customized products and that they are comfortable for the animals.

Ricci Pet continues the artisan tradition of the RicciSposo brand, which it has been creating for over 20 years wedding dresses high quality. Ricci Pet's new 2023 collection offers a wide range of products, including dog harnesses, wedding dresses, luxury jackets and pet clothes domestic all made with the utmost care and attention to detail.

The brand believes that the pets are part of the family and that every moment with them is precious. For this reason, Ricci Pet is dedicated to creating products that make life's important events unforgettable, such as marriage and other special occasions.


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