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Pet-Friendly Weddings: Beat the Summer Heat and Choose Elegant Clothes for Dogs

The day of marriage it's one of the most special events in a couple's life, and more and more people are choosing to include theirs four-legged friends on this unique occasion. However, with summer temperatures that can get very hot, it's vital that we take into consideration the well-being of our furry friends on their wedding day. In this blog, we will explore some tips for protect dogs from the heat and how to choose elegant clothes but fresh to make the wedding day a comfortable experience for both the bride and groom and their faithful friends.
The heat problem for dogs: During the summer days, the heat and humidity can be extremely dangerous for dogs. Dogs can't sweat like humans, so regulating their body temperature is more difficult. This makes them vulnerable to sunstroke, hyperthermia and other serious medical conditions. When planning a matrimonio pet-friendly on a hot day, it is important to take steps to protect the welfare of the participating dogs.

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There are several strategies for beating the heat at a pet-friendly wedding. Here are some tips:
- Provide plenty of fresh water: make sure you have several bowls of water available in different areas of the wedding venue, so that dogs can hydrate themselves easily.
- Choose clothes and accessories suitable for the dog: avoid buying complete clothes, such as jackets with trousers, but opt for bibs more comfortable and fresh. Recommended elegant accessories, come collar with bow tie with leash made of the same fabric as the bow tie, this will give the dog freshness and freedom of movement.
- Make sure there are places in the shade where the cat can rest in peace and coolness.
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