Un'esplosione di stile ed eleganza: il servizio fotografico di Ricci Pet per la collezione 2023 di abiti e accessori per animali domestici

An explosion of style and elegance: Ricci Pet's photo shoot for the 2023 collection of clothes and accessories for pets

Welcome to the wonderful world of Ricci Pet, the brand of the renowned Ricci Sposo tailoring who has decided to devote himself also to pets. We are thrilled to present ours to you photoshoot dedicated to our splendid collection of clothes and accessories for your four-legged friends. This project was made possible thanks to the exceptional talent of the photographer Mauro Burchiani of Viterbo and the impeccable organization of Elizabeth Petroselli, responsible for communication and management. We invite you to discover this extraordinary synergy of fashion, photography and love for animals.

Union of style and comfort for four-legged friends: We strongly believe that pets deserve the best, just like us. That's why we created a collection of clothes and accessories that combines style, elegance and comfort. From cute ties and bow ties, to elegant bibs and to the soft wedding dresses, each garment is made with high quality materials to ensure maximum comfort and durability. Our tailoring has made all its experience available to create tailor-made garments, adapted to the different sizes and needs of our furry friends.
dog clothing photo shoot
The magic of the photo shoot: To capture the essence of our collection, we entrusted the task of photographing it to Mauro Burchiani, a talented photographer based in Viterbo. His ability to capture the uniqueness of each animal and his ability to bring out the details of our garments have been instrumental in creating extraordinary images. Mauro was able to create a relaxed and fun atmosphere during the shoot, allowing the animals to express their personality and unique style.
Thanks to the impeccable organization of Elisabetta Petroselli, Ricci Pet's communication and management manager, the shooting was a success. Elisabetta coordinated every detail, making sure the animals were comfortable and that every shot reflected the elegance and energy that characterize our collection.
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