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Dog Collar With Bow Tie and Shirt for Wedding

Dog Collar With Bow Tie and Shirt for Wedding

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Wedding shirt collar with bow tie for dog 

This is our dog collar with bow tie and a white shirt 

  • White classic collar shirt
  • Crew neck
  • Collar adjustable with strap
  • Bow tie in two fabrics, damask blue and classic blue
  • Choose the color of your bow tie
  • Handmade collar for dog
  • Made in Italy

The elegant dog accessory with shirt and bow tie is a refined and sophisticated fashion accessory for your four-legged friend.  Our tailors designed this collar to give your dog an elegant and distint look, perfect for special occasions or when you want your dog to stand out from others.

We made the collar with high-quality materials, such as fine and soft-touch fabrics, which ensure comfort and durability. The shirt collar imitates the design of human shirt, with a clean line and refined appearance. It is available is several color options to best fit your stile and your dog personality.

This stylish dog collar with bow tie not only offers a refined aesthetic, but it is also functional and safe. Its features and adjustable closure allows it to fit comfortably around your dog's neck, ensuring it is always well positioned without  over-tightening. Additionally, it features a leash loop, allowing you to easily attach your harness or leash for daily walks. 

Whether it's a wedding, party or any other special occasion, the elegant collar with shirt and bow tie will ensure that your four-legged friend stands out with his impeccable style and will attract everyone's attention with his elegant appearance. 

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Surprise your puppy dog with the Ricci Pet line of clothing and wedding accessories! Discover our unique creations, tailor-made to make your big day special.

For over 20 years, our tailoring has been creating dresses and accessories for ceremonies and special occasions. The pet collection is totally customizable in fabrics and colors according to your needs, such as weddings and special events such as photo shoots or for a birthday gift! It is aimed at all those who intend to dress their dogs and cats elegantly, proposing looks varied: starting from the tuxedo for dogs complete with three pieces, jacket, shirt and trousers with shiny side band, up to wedding dresses for animals, made with precious fabrics such as French lace, organza, and silk satins.For those If you want a more comfortable look, we have dog harnesses with shawl lapels or spear chest harnesses, made with both plain and damask fabrics, complete with shirt and bow tie.

abiti cerimonia per cani su misura


All our garments are handcrafted products made in Italy, we create elegant tailor-made clothes for dogs and cats for any luxury event! Do you have any special requests? Contact us below to get in touch with our styling department!

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Our tailor's shop makes all the accessories for dogs and cats that make up our collection by hand and in Italy, such as shirt collars and bow ties in all colors and fabrics. Enriching your furry friend with an elegant collar suitable for all important occasions!



  • XS suitable for dog breeds such as Chihuahua, pincher, pug or feline breeds such as the Canadian Sphynx.
  • S/M breeds such as Pomeranian, Jack Russel, Toy Poodle, Maltese etc. are indicated.
  • M/L are suitable for breeds such as French Bulldog, Beagle, Boston Terrier.
  • L/XL/XXL adapt to breeds such as Dogue de Bordeaux, Great Dane, Newfoundland, English Bulldog, Cocker Spaniel.
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