The dog as a ring bearer: a new trend in Italy

The dog as a ring bearer: a new trend in Italy

Our Tailoring: Unique Creations for a Special Day

Welcome to our corner dedicated to canine fashion! Today, we want to introduce you to a special item that is becoming increasingly popular among future couples. It's the wedding ring bearer for dogs. In effect, our shop creates  harness with moving ring pillow, that allows couples to easily take it at the altar. Our tailors made each piece with love and care, to ensure comfort for your dog as a ring bearer.

Presenting our exquisite green ring bearer cushion for your four-legged companion! This accessory is ideal for your ring bearer dog, adding flair to their attire alongside a tuxedo. Elevate your pet's presence at your wedding with this delightful addition to their collection of dog wedding clothes.Introducing our elegant green ring bearer pillow for your furry friend! This accessory is perfect for your ring bearer dog, complementing their tuxedo with style. Let your pet play a memorable role in your wedding ceremony with this charming addition to their dog wedding clothes.

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The Trend in Italy

In Italy, the trend of wedding ring bearer for dog is still a taboo. Many churches do not allow dogs to participate in the ceremony, however, abroad, this practice is more widespread and accepted.

In the United States and European countries, it is common to see dogs with couples to the altar. As a matter of fact, adding a touch of grace to the wedding. Wedding items for dogs are becoming increasingly popular, with growing interest in canine fashion. 

Adding a furry touch to our special day! Meet our adorable ring bearer, dressed to the nines in his finest dog bridal wear. He stole the show as he trotted down the aisle, delivering our precious rings with a wagging tail and a heart full of love. Who knew dressing the dog could bring such joy to our wedding day?

An adorable puppy carrying the jowels to the altar with our ring bearer for dog adds a magical touch.

Examples from Around the World

  • United States: In many states, couples can have their dogs as part of the ceremony. There are special services offering wedding attire for dogs and items. Indeed, many churches and outdoor venues welcome animals with enthusiasm.
  • United Kingdom: Many Anglican churches allow dogs to participate in the ceremony. There are also wedding venues that offer special packages to include pets.
  • France: In France, pet friendly weddings are becoming increasingly popular. In fact, many couples choose to include their dogs in the celebration.

Our Video: A Dog Carrying the Rings at the Basilica of Santa Francesca Romana

To show you how special it can be to have a dog as ring bearer, we created a video. Watch an adorable puppy delivers the rings at the Basilica of Santa Francesca Romana, near the Colosseum in Rome. Watch the video to see how this harness can add a magical touch to your big day. This video is a perfect example of how dogs at weddings can make the ceremony even more exciting.

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