After months of hard work, we decided to launch our new brand, Ricci Pet: it’s a project created with Ricci Sposo’s tailoring, and the core business is to create suites, dressed and wedding accessories for our pets. Working closely with the couples, we realized that pets are actual members of our families, that’s why we want them in the most important day of our life: the Wedding day!

For this reason, we thought about a unique collection for our pets. Thanks to our professional tailors and stylists, we thought about some comfy and cozy designs, in which the puppies can move around freely. We choose high quality fabrics, like wool, silk, chiffon and satin, and a wide range of monochrome, damasked, bright, matt, glittered and pleated patterns, and each one of them is lovingly chosen to value the stylistic lines of the dress. We made suits and dress for male and female dogs, and different kind of harnesses. We also have collars, wedding cushions and dog houses. All of this products are made by our tailors, starting with the paper models, and they can be on size or customized according to the pet’s measurements. In fact we did this on several occasions: for example last Sunday, the 13th of November, we attended the fashion show of Petrelli uomo Alta Cerimonia, that took place in Bari at the Promessi Sposi exhibition. On this occasion, Ricci pet created two amazing suits for Bella, Alexx Belli and delia Duran’s little dog. They are one of the most popular couples of the Italian television, and they are ambassadors of the Petrelli brand. Sweet Bella has walked along the catwalk with Delia, in two fabulous looks, and in our clothes she was confident and comfortable for the entire event. If you want to know more abouy our products, or if you desire a suit for your pet, don’t wait to contact us!

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