let your dog participate in your wedding together with the bride, children and guests

Wedding with the Dog as guest of honor!

Do you want your dog to participate at your wedding day?

Having your dog as a wedding guest is the new trend! Let's find out all our tips to do it at the best!

When we draw up the list of guests for a wedding, we are initially able to limit the invitations. For example, we can reserve them only for those who are really close to us at all times. For this reasons, we need to include our dog as a wedding guest! 

As we get better at it, uncles and cousins ​​appear that we just can't avoid inviting either. Because they invited us to their own wedding or for fear of upsetting the delicate family balance.  What we wanted to be an intimate wedding seems to be turning into a huge party with hundreds of guests. 

But, don't panic, let's really start evaluating who is worth inviting, those who we really care about and who care about us. We really desire our dog could participate at the wedding ceremony.

It's the dog!? The one who is beside us in every moment of life, in the good times and the bad ones. The one who is willing to lick our tears when we are sad and is at our side. Our dog, jumping, when we are happy for something beautiful!

Our tips let your dog participate at wedding ceremony

How to get your dog to participate at ceremony!? By relying on Wedding Dog Sitter, to have him by our side at all times of the day!
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A tailor made accessory to make it elegant and even more beautiful than it is. Also a special photo shoot that will tell his day from his special point of view. And above all a professional who will take care of him all day, taking care of it as if it were his own dog. Making sure he has water, food, can relax, can have fun and be the protagonist without getting stressed! In this way, your dog can be part of the ceremony as a special wedding guest.

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By relying on professionals who can take care of the various aspects, you guarantee the perfect success of the event!

So let's just think about enjoying the big day with those we love and in peace!

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